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拉簧 1

Material: Spring steel, stainless steel, oil tempered wire..etc

Extension Spring

Extension Spring

It is produced according to the style of hooks at both ends specified by the customer.

According to the material, the number of turns, and the size of the outer diameter, it can generate various tensions and produce various lengths and angles.

Extension springs are wound with wires of various materials, each turn is tightly wound, both ends are shaped into hooks for assembly.Elongate when stressed.

Generally, it is presented in the form of a circular section, and the shape of the end varies with the application.

English-style, German-style hooks, square hooks, U-shaped hooks, movable hooks, etc.,It is second only to compression springs in application.

Application: Springs for automobile and motorcycle parts, springs for sports equipment, springs for lamps, curtain hardware, jewelry springs, pump springs, etc...


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