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Witec Precision - a spring OEM factory

Located in Sanchong District, New Taipei City, We are a professional manufacturer. The Witec team has more than decades of experiences in the metal work field and specialize in producing challenging parts and customized parts.

Specializing in all kinds of springs, stamping, compression springs, extension springs, wave springs, torsion springs, clockwork springs, battery springs, wire forming, constant force springs, plate springs, power springs, stamping products and various fasteners , spring pins, irregular springs, washers, washers, coils, electronic parts springs, mechanical springs, antenna springs, switch springs, lock springs, bicycle springs, automobile springs, lighting springs, precision small springs, micro springs, hooks, brackets, buckles, scroll springs, special wire springs, special-shaped wire springs, magnet wire springs, cushion springs, suspension springs,... etc.

Our policy: Quality。 Unity。 Intelligent。 Cautious。 Knowledge。

Our factory has automatic spring machines, wire forming machines, strip forming machines, stamping machines, spring testing instruments, and measurement instruments. In addition to producing at high skill and technology, but also care about quality control and customer service.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

iso 證書
韋盛科技工業有限公司 9

About Machine Equipment

韋盛科技工業有限公司 10

>Produce of any thick wire diameter springs, such as double torsion springs, wire forming, bending parts.

韋盛科技工業有限公司 11

>For the new generation of full-servo models, it has solved the previous difficult spring forming.

韋盛科技工業有限公司 12

>3-axis servo spring machine. Can produce shrapnel, spring, constant-force extension spring.

韋盛科技工業有限公司 13

>Replacing traditional stamping and forming equipment, it can overcome the difficulties of traditional stamping equipment.

韋盛科技工業有限公司 14

2.5D Projector

>Using a 2.5D projector instrument, when measuring the size, it can also observe the appearance of the surface scars.

韋盛科技工業有限公司 15

Hardness Testing Machine

>Measure spring plate hardness such as HRC, HV.etc.

韋盛科技工業有限公司 16

Stamping machines

>Various punching machines can use continuous die and manual die to punch various spring products.

Spring & clips From Witec

Spring, tension spring, compression spring, torsion spring, double torsion spring, battery spring, constant-force extension spring, wire bending, copper wire bending, enameled wire forming, magazine spring, carbon brush spring, flat wire spring, shrapnel, buckle spring , spring pin, differential pin, latch, C-type retaining ring, E-type retaining ring.

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Our Competitive Advantage

Witec Precision - a spring OEM factory

# Professional Taiwanese spring factory
# High quality spring supplier

# We can provide challenging parts.

# We can provide solutions.

Order Process

1. Inquiry & Order

Customer contact

Discuss client needs


2. Material & Mold/Die

Choose material

 Custom material & Mold

3. Sample & Production

According to customer drawings or fixtures

Produce according to customer requirements

4. Heat treatment & Surface treatment

Whether post-processing is required

Send to cooperating manufacturers

Plating, Black Oxide, Thermal Processing etc.

Packaging and shipping

Packing and shipping according to customer needs

if not required

Packaging according to our factory specifications

Delivered to customers


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