About 7 working days without mold, usually faster.
Or 21 working days if there is a need to make a mold.

Round wire spring
Usually no molds are needed, unless something is special.
EX: Pull ring sometimes also needs a mold

Plate (Flat wire or Shaded wire)
Usually there is a mold fee, unless we already have molds, but this is rarely the case because there are so many sizes of plates.

Round wire quotes
Usually the quotation is available the next day, but some require electroplating surface treatment, or the wire is more special, it will take a long time. We are also waiting for the manufacturer to reply to the quotation.

Other quotation
Because of the mold cost. Therefore, the quotation of plate metal is usually longer. It usually take 3~7 days.

In fact, we can take orders even for one, but it's very expensive to do only one. We always recommend customers to do more, maybe the price of our quotation is also the same price. Produce 1 pcs or 100 pcs is the same price.
For example, 1 piece is $1000, but if you make 100 pieces, it is also $1,000. On average, the price will change to $10. You don’t think the price is too expensive, because we also have the lowest basic quotation.

Because the operating costs of various companies are different, or the prices obtained by the electroplating factories or material suppliers are different, and the springs themselves are due to equipment problems, some factories can simply make some springs.There are some collaborations with colleagues. Will do the same industry OEM. So it will be more expensive to add another layer. Certainly, customers are also welcome to provide target prices. Therefore, customers can compare more. But, except that the price is the first to see. What you can't see is the service.

You can take it back! But it's not the price of the mold that was quoted at the beginning! Because the design of the mold was designed by Witec. Just like "know how"! Therefore, it is necessary to add the design cost of the mold to take it back. Our mold fee is only available once. The cost of follow-up maintenance will be absorbed by Witec. Customers don't need to pay!
Please contact us now! We will find out what went wrong with the manufactured product as soon as possible!Propose improvement measures. Do our best to minimize customer losses. If there is a problem with the recovery of the spring, rework it as soon as possible, and deliver it in batches to solve customer problems.
Spring tolerances cannot be compared with other machining methods because springs and shrapnel are elastic. But we can try your best to overcome it! If full inspection of fixtures the price will go up a lot!

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If you need any springs or metal parts or technical support, please contact us.
If you email to us, please give us a call or contact us on Whatsapp so we can make sure we did not miss your email.
Please provide: drawings in 2D or 3D formats and order quantity when you inquire.
If you are not able to provide a drawing, please provide: wire diameter, photo, unit, weight, material, and order quantity. We'll try to provide you with service according to the information you provide.

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