Project Description

定力彈簧、渦捲彈簧、碳刷彈簧 1

Material: spring steel, stainless steel

Commonly used stainless steel 301

Constant-Force Extension Spring

Constant-force extension spring is also known as return spring, scroll spring, power spring, constant force spring.

Its characteristic is that it outputs a large and fixed force in a small space and an effective stroke, and its effective stroke depends on the length of the spring.

Generally used in hair dryers, windows, toys, fitness equipment, LCD screens, recycling devices, nail guns, fans, curtains, door closers, cable retractors, cabinets, furniture parts,and other places that require constant force or where the stretching stroke is quite long.

Carbon Brush Spring

Generally, there is a difference between a double circle and a single circle.

Used in carbon brushes, because it is a kind of constant force spring, it can maintain constant force. The loss of carbon brushes can be reduced. The life of the carbon brush can be increased, and the length of the carbon brush can be increased because of the design of the carbon brush spring.

Because of concentration. It will not change due to the length of the carbon brush. The friction force remains the same. This increases the life of the carbon brush motor.


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