Project Description

壓縮彈簧(壓簧) 1

Material: Spring steel, stainless steel, iron, copper wire, electric heating wire, oil tempered wire..etc

Compression Springs, valve springs, cushion springs. ISO 10243, DIN 2098, JIS B 5012, GB /T 2089, GB /T 2087, GB 4142, GB /T 36524

According to the customer's specification, it is wound with wires of various materials, both ends are flat, there is a certain gap between the circles, and there are many type.

Such as: Barrel-shaped cone ... etc. are mostly presented in the form of circular cross-section, and the spring shrinks and deforms when it is subjected to external load, stores the deformation energy.

Compression springs are the most widely used, the most simple in shape, the most variable.
Application: Key switch spring, hydraulic spring, valve spring, oil seal spring, battery spring.


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